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Supplemental Registration Forms

In order to complete your registration for St. Rita CYO Sports, there are forms that need to be downloaded and completed as well.

  1. Eligibility Request Form – for anyone who is NOT a St. Rita parishioner or day school student
  2. PSR/RCIA Enrollment & Participation Acknowledgement Form – for an athlete that does NOT attend
    a Catholic School


St. Rita Boosters rolled out new online software to handle all of the mandatory medical forms, medical information and other CYO related documents. This will eliminate moving paperwork around between coaches, parents and St. Rita Booster staff, alert you when your child’s physical date is expiring and ensures that all paperwork is being managed effectively. Most importantly it keeps St. Rita Boosters compliant with Cleveland Diocesan Record Retention policies and protects your family’s Protected Health Information (PHI).

All athletes MUST have their Privit account set up along with all appropriate forms including a physical in order to participate in practices. It is encouraged that all families start the process as soon as possible to ensure that you have time to obtain the necessary medical form documentation from your physician.

  • If your son or daughter participated in a fall or winter oporthild to the appropriate spring sport and update any information that is out of dateort and update any information that is out of date
  • If your son or daughter did NOT participate in a fall or winter sport and you do not have your Privit account set up, please follow the instructions below to set up your account

Here is the link to the new software: St. Rita PRIVIT Site. Instructions on how to set up your account, add your children, and assign them to their fall sports team can be found here.

When you sit down to start the process, there are a few items you’ll want to have handy:

  • Medical insurance card – member and group ID numbers
  • Your latest current medical forms all children being registered – you will need to upload an electronic version of the form to the PRIVIT site
    • You WILL need the Youth and Young Adult Ministry and CYO Office – CYO Athletic Pre-participation Form
    • You do NOT need a copy of the Emergency Medical Authorization – this form is now a part of the software form site
  • Have your child nearby to create their "electronic signature" – both you and your child will need to sign off on the documents. This is a one time setup.

When you get to the part of the form where you indicate their last physical date, please use the date that matches the form you are uploading. If you have already sent in your medical form to the email you will still need to upload a copy of the form into the appropriate section of the PRIVIT site.

If your son or daughter’s current medical form is expiring, please use the new form located in the PRIVIT software under Print Documents / Health History Form.

After completion of all of the required information your child’s status will turn green and show SUBMISSION COMPLETE and Clearance status will show PENDING. At that time members of the Booster staff who will review your information and the change your Clearance status to CLEARED

Any questions can be directed to the PRIVIT help desk or email


This form is to be completed by all athletes that are NOT members of St. Rita parish or NOT enrolled at St. Rita School. Please download the ERF and complete per the instructions on the form.

  • Go to the Cleveland Catholic Diocese website parish locater to determine the closest parish.
  • Enter your address to make sure St. Rita is the closest parish to your home.
  • If St. Rita is the closest parish to your home, then complete the ERF and submit the form NO LATER THAN 10/15/2019.
  • If St. Rita is NOT the closest parish to your home, you must contact each of the closest parishes listed to see if they offer the sport. If they do not offer the sport, then you can submit the ERF to St. Rita for completion. If they do offer the sport, then you need to register for CYO with the closest parish unless there is not availability at that parish.
  • All ERF’s must be scanned and emailed to no later than 10/15/2019.
  • We will review and submit to CYO for participation approval. Your registration and participation is contingent on CYO approval. Please note that the student CAN NOT participate in sport evaluations or practices on 10/28/19 until CYO approval is received

*Additional parish signatures may be required per CYO guidelines


Student participation in St. Rita Athletic programs is contingent upon Day School or PSR/Faith Formation (Youth Group-Jr. High and High School; Family PSR and Generations of Faith).

In order to participate in our Athletic Program, the completed form must be provided no later than the following dates:

PSR/RCIA Enrollment Deadlines
Fall Sports (football, soccer, volleyball, cross country) Deadline: June 15th
Winter Sports (basketball) Deadline: October 15th
Spring Sports (track & field, volleyball) Deadline: February 16th

Thank you – The St. Rita Booster Board